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About us

Damani Holdings B.H is a leading real estate brokerage company focused on real estate investments for buyers and investors through our platform in the  Georgia's market, and those assets requiring equity capital or are value add. Headquartered in Atlanta area, Damani Holdings leverages its industry relationships, and a new listing portal to identify properties that demonstrate value.

We also speak spanish, hindi, urdu and gujarati

We are unique in that we have partners in commercial lending, private moneys, hedge fund, reits and a disciplined commercial real estate team to target a value add properties in the Georgia market.


Our core business values guide all of our professional and personal conduct and are fundamental to the culture and success of our clients.

  • Understanding the needs of our PARTNERS and CLIENTS

  • INTEGRITY in our business and personal conduct



Damani Holdings has value and inventory in the commercial market.

We see profit in Atlanta's commercial real estate.

Meet the Team

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